Simple thing!



Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is simple thing around, salt and pepper shaker!
And this is a simple but joyful thing for me too!


21 responses to “Simple thing!

  1. BRILLIANT picture of Malus, great “smile” 🙂 love your Salt & Pepper, Violet ! xx

  2. croquedessin

    Simple but not easy to paint and you did it so well Violet ! Malus is so happy ! 😀

  3. Malus darling! Such a sweet smile!. Love the colourful peppercorns, Violet. The wonderful, simple, joys of life ♥

  4. Such a talented person you are, Violet. And that is a purrfect picture of Malus!

  5. It really is joyful, Malus, you are right!! 🙂 xx

  6. Beautiful dear Violet, you are amazing. Malus, you are amazing cat too 🙂 Thank you for you both, Love, nia

  7. Malus * dreamily ecstatic …
    Simple it might be as you put it Violet but a lovely sketch too !

  8. I’m ready to spice up my dinner! Cool painting.

  9. Some time look simple but nothing is simple when you paint it and you make it look simple but always beautiful my friend! xxx

  10. Malus looks like he/she is purrrrrriiinggg.. lol

    Wonderful impressions of the shakers – #Stunning

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