Nothing better than….

( Quick sketch of today’s coffee! )
Hi everyone!
Nothing better than a cup of coffee at a favorite cafe for Violet!
And nothing better than relaxing in my box, under sunshine for me!


19 responses to “Nothing better than….

  1. Good morning, Violet and Malus!

  2. Oh you are so right – enjoying mine as I enjoy yours!

  3. Nothing better than sunshine upon your palace, sweet Malus. Lovely coffee cup and chocolate!.

  4. I agree, Violet!!! Beautifully done! 🙂 xx

  5. Ah, a nice cupa and a nice box:)

  6. OOOO, that looks yummy!

  7. It is amazing Violet, I am not often around those days and just reply to you how much I loved strong coffee which at the moment I was told to avoid…. and here you are with agreat cup ready and as beautiful as always… Telepathy or what??? have a great weekend my dear ❤

    • Hi dear Doron!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment!
      Ah, I just pray for you to get better as soon as possible and also can enjoy your favorite coffee❤️
      So if coffee is not good at this moment , I will sketch for you a cup of herb tea for you,next time😃
      Take care and hope you feel better soon dear friend. xxx

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