Nara , Japan

Hi everyone!
Here is today’s Violet sketch…….
” Violet , what was the name of this place? I’ve forgotten! ”

” Here is Kōfuku- ji temple in Nara, an old city in Japan! I’ve visited there years ago😃”


16 responses to “Nara , Japan

  1. Peekaboo, Malus! Tell Violet: “Lovely sketch, as usual”!

  2. Ah, Violet, what a lovely drawing! That sky stripe is perfect! 🙂 xx

  3. Oh Violet, this is lovely! That blue you got running behind really sets it off nicely!

  4. croquedessin

    Nice sketching Violet ! Hi Malus ! 😉

  5. Rosa de los Vientos

    Yeah, what a lovely sky and fingertips. xxx

  6. I loved Nara… ❤ your art is as wonderful as ever… congrats! 🙂

  7. Lovely painting Violet! Malus seems to be having a ball in his hiding place.

  8. Such a beautiful sky. I love your temple, sweet Malus!

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