Red berries


Hi everyone!
Today Violet has sketched red berries from her little garden!
She loooooves berries and after sketch, those berries disappeared!!!!
” I know what happened, VIOLET!”



32 responses to “Red berries

  1. So good!! 😉

  2. Love!! I adore your work…seriously!! You need to get with a company to use your artwork for greeting cards.

  3. What a lovely card! ♥

  4. Rosa de los Vientos

    Beautiful Violet. Has Malus become a rapper?
    MC Malus!

  5. croquedessin

    It’s a beautiful sketching Violet ! Malus you give me a lot of laugh !

  6. Oh, No!!! Where did those berries go?!!!!
    Lovely, Violet!!!! 🙂 xx

  7. You have captured the highlights on the berries beautifully!

  8. I love this! A beautiful splash of summer!

  9. I love berries too. 🙂

  10. vera ersilia

    These are raspberries. Delicious to look at, and to eat.

  11. my favourite red berries – fresh and I also use them for tarts… 🙂 domo arigato! ❤

    • I love berries too, all kind!!!!😁
      And yes ole to make berries tarts! Next time we should make a wordpress tea time(coffee time ) party! 😃❤️

  12. Berries are delicious, love the colours!. Kiss on your little, adorable chin, sweet Malus.

    • Yes, they are dear Carmen and I love them! ❤️❤️❤️
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! 😃❤️

  13. They look real! Almost good to eat! 😉

  14. beautiful berries, Violet! Hi Malus.

  15. So fragile! Love it, Violet!

  16. Hi Malus – love theses berries that Violet painted!

  17. Lovely! So good to eat. I had berry tea today.

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