Hi everyone!
June has started and rainy season will start soon too!
What I love in this season is hydrangea flowers. They are blooming one by one in many colors.
Here is a colored pencil drawing of hydrangea 😃

“What? What is this flower? I haven’t check the smell yet,Violet!”

” Ok Malus, I will buy some later for you!!!😁”


35 responses to “Hydrangea

  1. I love that photo of Malus!! Beautiful sketch too x

  2. croquedessin

    😀 😀 😀 This is for Malus 😉
    Your flower is stunning Violet, very nice painting.

  3. croquedessin

    Sorry, very nice drawing 😉

  4. Beautiful, Violet, really gorgeous pencil work. Great pose by Malus (as always !) xx

  5. What a wonderful photo of Malus! Inquisitive! Love the pencil drawing of the Hydrangea Violet. My “Endless Summer” Hydrangea will be blooming most of the summer and I will be picking arm loads of them to enjoy! 🙂

  6. Very nice work. Lovely flower! 🙂

  7. I love hydrangeas – and you’ve captured it perfectly! Malus too!

  8. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful 🙂

  9. Malus, you look so surprised! It fooled you too, didn’t it?! Violet has painted it so real that you expect to touch and smell it!!! 🙂 xx

  10. Beautiful Violet! I love the color! It’s perfect! And so is malus! He makes me smile! 💙

  11. Carmen Mandel

    How adorable you are, dear Malus!. Ah, love your face full of wonder and surprise. For one moment it seemed as if your tail were holding an artist brush 🙂

    My Hydrangea is about to blossom, beautiful colours and textures, Violet!.

    • Ah, thank you soooo much dear Carmen for such a kind, lovely comment!❤️I wish Malus could read himself and I’m sure he will run to you for a smooch😃❤️

  12. How sweet! I’m sorry Malus…I was talking about the flower…(-:

  13. It’s beautiful isn’t it, Malus?

  14. And you do look most curious Malus!

  15. LOVE the hydrangea and the picture of Malus. He is so curious.

  16. Violet that is a super painting xxx

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