Sweet Violet!

Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is a sweet violet flower from Violet little garden! Many of them has bloomed and Violet loves to decorate them on veg salads! They tastes good as Violet is saying❤️
“What are you drinking Violet? ”
“Coffee , do you want some! ”

“No, thanks , I think I can’t drink it!!!!!!”

“And, Malus, I have a question too!!! Did you again eat thyme leaves!!!???😮 I can see a leaf near your mouth!!!!😋 ”

11 responses to “Sweet Violet!

  1. croquedessin

    Violet, your violet is so beautiful ! 😉 And Malus too. 😀

  2. Beautiful flower sketch! Hope the thyme was tasty 😉 Have a good week both of you xx

  3. Beautiful violet sketch! Uh-oh, Malus, I think you’ve been “found out”!

  4. Ah, yessssss my Princess loves violets too 🙂 She doesn’t eat but she like to walk over them… My crazy cat. Dear Malus, Violet makes a wonderful watercolur paintings, doesn’t she, I love her artistic style. So beautiful violet painting. Thank you for your both, you are always a nice accompanying friend to me and to my day 🙂 Love, nia

  5. So funny our dear Malus! Love your painting, the delicate petals with hint of shadow is wonderful ~

  6. That is a sweet violet indeed!!! 🙂 Happy Monday, Violet and Malus! 🙂 xx

  7. Ah, sweet Malus, those innocent eyes :-). The sketch is so pretty and delicate, what a lovely style. My garden is now full of wild violets, Malus. Kiss on your little nose ♥

  8. Oh Malus! Next time you should try a violet.

  9. Gorgeous little painting! Love it Violet!

  10. Beautiful painting Violet-and Malus, doesn’t your mistress know that cats like variety too? I will bet that thyme was tasty!

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