Milk & Sugar jar

Hi everyone!
Violet has spent a very busy ( but fun!)days this week. Her hubby has came back from abroad and has taken one week holiday so almost everyday going out for driving, walking, enjoying spring warm weather.
Today’s sketch is a quick sketch of milk and sugar jar in a caffe!
HuM? MILK? Milk? Can I have too?

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!❤️

21 responses to “Milk & Sugar jar

  1. Oh, oh nice for Violet and her hubby to spend a nice week on vacation! Beautiful sketch and beautiful Malus!

  2. Very nice Violet, you did the lights on the jar very well! Lovely Malus ! 😀

  3. Fantastic. Did Violet give you any milk though?

  4. Ah, pretty Malus, your little pink nose is up for something 🙂 Lovely sketch, looks like pewterware.

  5. Beautiful painting! And cute cat ❤ Happy easter!

  6. Ah, Malus I can imagine you with milk on those lovely whiskers! 🙂 Lovely, Violet! 🙂

  7. Lovely times together Violet .. oh yes and you too Malus 🙂
    Pretty !

  8. This painting is incredible! So realistic and beautiful!

  9. How lovely to have everyone home. I am sure you got a little bit of milk, Malus.

  10. Beautiful sketch, Violet!

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