Hi everyone!
Again after many days delay!!!! here is what Violet has sketched for today!
Tulips that we have on the table now❤️
“Violet, what is going on with you? Too much delay in you posts! ”

“Sorry Malus! Will do my best! ”
“I hope so! ”
Have a great weekend dear friends and will see you on Monday! 😃❤️

24 responses to “Tulips

  1. Beautiful sketch! There’s nothing like a kitty to keep us humans in line!

  2. My favorite flower !!! Beautiful Violet ! Bon WE aussi !!!

  3. Lovely tulips, Violet!
    Malus, don’t be hard on Violet!!! 😉 xx
    A beautiful weekend to you too! 🙂

  4. Have a great weekend! A beautiful piece!

  5. Beautiful. Violet must be very busy, Malus. Don’t you think?

    • Thank you so much dear Gallivanta! 😃
      Honestly, getting really busy!😃
      But enjoying to sketching and communicate with freinds here, whenever I have time 😃❤️

  6. croquedessin

    LOL ! Lovely Malus, he looks angry ! Thanks for these beautiful tulips Violet, the spring is on your table ! 😀

  7. I want some of those tulips in my garden 😉

  8. Malus is being a rather stern kitty. Lovely tulips Violet! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  9. Aw, your cat’s so cute! Cute nose!

  10. Beautiful tulips! Malus-I can see you in delightful contrast to these beautiful flowers!

  11. I really like tulips and this one here is just lovely!

  12. What a mysterious look!

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