Monthly Archives: February 2014

Persian Jar

Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is a souvenir from Iran, a persian jar, mostly use for rose water.
By the way, did you know Violet loooooooooovvvvvveeeeesssss snow!!!!
Even when it is snowing, she loves to go outside and makes snowman with her daughter!!!! I don’t like snow because I was born in Qatar
(My story!
But something inside me tell me to go and see it!!! So here is today’s photo of me!
My paws

Violet paws??????!!!!!!

Again my paw


A Quick sketch of Coffee time!

Hi everyone,
This is Violet😃 today’s sketch is a quick one of coffee and cakes that I and my husband enjoyed them in Starbucks!
And a photo of Malus that doesn’t want to look at those creams in sketch! 😁

Have a great weekend dear friends😃❤️❤️❤️

Handmade soaps!

Hi everyone,
Yesterday Violet was making handmade herbal soaps and today a quick sketch of them! She made pelargonium , rosemary and sage and also lavender soap. While she was making them, I was looking at what she is doing and enjoying herbs goooooood smell!



Hi everyone!
Here is what we have on the table now! Sweeeet smell roses!
Ah, it is really good smell , Violet ❤️


Black and white!

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is Vienna, a black and white sketch!
About me,
Recently I’m really interested in what Violet is working with that, in human worlds named iPad!!! Sometimes I can see cats videos in the screen and also the screen is sensitive to my paws!!!!! I can change the pages!!!!!! But I don’t know why sometimes Violet says, “noooooo you deleted it”!!!!
I can see my photos inside too! And also the WordPress world!
I like this magical plate!!!



Have a nice weekend dear friends😃