Yellow sweet peas❤️

Hi everyone!
First of all, I should apologize to all my dear friends because recently I get little busy and just posting my sketches without answering to your kind comments and even not visiting your blogs!
Will answer them and visit you as soon as I can😃❤️
For today I’ve sketched yellow sweet peas that I bought yesterday❤️
And here is Malus , sniffing , investigating !!!!!! 😃


23 responses to “Yellow sweet peas❤️

  1. I love sweet peas, such soft gentle flowers with a wonderful scent. Don’t blame Malus for sniffing them.

    • They are really beautiful flowers! I love them too specially their sweet smell❤️I can understand Malus feeling!!!! 😁
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment dear The Crazy Crone❤️

  2. Beautiful flowers and beautiful sketch. Malus is like all kitties: very inquisitive!

  3. Love sweet peas ! great sketch Violet 🙂 x

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this painting. It is soft and delicate and makes me see them which I hope to do this Spring again. Love the way you incorporated the real flowers on your painting.

    • Thank you so much dear Rlte for your lovely, kind comment! I’m glad you like it❤️
      Hope spring comes to you soon and you can have many colors of sweet peas❤️

  5. Beautiful sweet peas, Violet! Nice bright yellow!
    🙂 xxx

  6. They Look like they smell amazing!

  7. Sweet Peas and Sweet Malus –both adorable!.

  8. What a cheerful sunny colour. I love sweet peas.

  9. These are so beautiful Violet – love them! You given them the delicacy they deserve. Not a problem, life gets busy sometimes and we just have to go answer the call – we’ll all be here when you get back.

  10. Very nicely done, Violet. Malus is so cute smelling the flowers.

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