Hi everyone!
Hypericum for today’s sketch! They usually use for decoration in banquets but also cute separately!
We have them on the table now and still Violet is sketching them !!!!
Also today Violet had a parcel ,a biiiiig box! And here is me in new box!!!



28 responses to “Hypericum

  1. Love these sketches Violet!

  2. What is it with cats and boxes? My cat loves sitting in a basket full of weights for exercise. One time I went to shut the drawer in my bedroom and jumped a mile when a furry face suddenly emerged from beneath my jumpers!

  3. very nice sketches Violet 🙂 great box for Malus ! x

  4. Beautiful sketch! And YAY: a BIG box for Malus to play in!

  5. Lovely work, as usual. Cats + boxes, who can understand it…

  6. What a beautiful and delicate flower. Ah, Malus darling, the sheer delight of a new big box!. I made a three-tier castle for my kitties out of moving boxes 🙂

  7. Lovely sketches! Malus looks so small in the big box!

  8. Ah, really nice, Violet! Malus, maybe a little pillow would make this box perfect huh?! 🙂

  9. You are both so beautiful 🙂

  10. Your hypericum is well painted but … please, poor Malus ! Don’t let him in this box 😦

  11. Lovely sketch Violet !
    Malus hopes you never stop the boxes coming 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear Poppy!
      Ah, there is big collection of boxes for him and once I receive a new one , will threw away the old one! ❤️

  12. Beautiful paintings! So much fun to watch a cat in a box. Mine adore them too:)

    • Thank you so much dear Elena! ❤️
      It is interesting that cats love boxes!
      This box is too big for him and he is enjoying to hide inside, as a secret place!!!!😃

  13. Rosa de los Vientos

    hello hello hello Malus eco eco eco… 😀 Nice drawings. Love the leafs.

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