Hi everyone!
Today’s sketch is a beautiful place in Iran , Soltanie Dome in Zanjan. Sketched of a photo in my album❤️
And here is Malus! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz



22 responses to “Iran,Zanjan

  1. There is such beautiful architecture in those places, you captured the colours and warmth so well. Ah, Malus, sweet dreams and a kiss on that little speckle of yours. ♥

    • There are many beautiful architect , tiles, colors in Iran and I wish I could sketch them all!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment dear Carmen❤️

  2. Pretty sketch – love the blue of the sky, And you can add a kiss from me to Malus’s sweet little speckled nose!

  3. One of your most beautiful drawings.

  4. Violet you see what happen when I don’t see you as before, everyday I miss your great paintings that make me smile and woww your ability. Great!

  5. That blue is gorgeous! Sweet dreams, Malus! 🙂

  6. Fabulous sketch Violet – love the contrast of color and wonderful lines. And how did Malus participate today?

  7. It looks like Malus is dreaming of ‘castles’ in the air!

  8. Architecture is difficult, Violet. You just made it look easy with this piece!

  9. Great! I’m never this good with painting buildings.

  10. Love the contrasting colors!

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