Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear friends , thank you so much for your visiting and supportive , lovely comments to me and Malus that bring me joy everyday❤️
The blessings of Saint Valentine, love be with you all❤️❤️❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day to you all dear friends ❤️


Thank you so much from me too! For your all kind comment to me❤️by the way,This is Valentine’s day present from Violet ! How do I look? ❤️



50 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Malus, you are SO handsome in your red Valentine bow-tie! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Violet. Such a lovely Valentine sketch.

  2. Malus looks magnificent in his red bow-tie – I’m sure if you took him to a restaurant, they would spring to attention and treat him like the Prince he is!

  3. You To Violet! Have a good one!

  4. Hope you are having a great Valentines day Violet The rose is beautiful x

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day Violet and Malus! Thank you for the daily beautiful pictures. Today’s rose is amazing. I have not been able to master watercolour and am in awe of those who can! Beautiful subtle layers! And oh my – doesn’t Malus look dashing in his red bow-tie!

    • Ah, thank you so much for your kind comment! I really appreciate your visiting too😃❤️
      Please try to draw by watercolors again an I’m sure you can do it❤️
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment for Malus too😃❤️❤️❤️

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to you! We love your art and the joy you express. We’ve nominated you for a “Liebster Award” here- it’s a neat thing in the WP.com community, totally voluntarily… http://unfound.org/2014/02/14/ten-questions-the-liebster-award/

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind comment! I really appreciate for nominating me this award😃lots of thanks and glad you like my sketches❤️

      • You’re very welcome, hope it gets you more viewers. I saw your request to view the blog attached to my gravatar- that one is out of date, so I’ve updated the link. The current project that I’m doing with a friend is at http://unfound.org

  7. Awwww, what a gentleman you are Malus! Happy Valentines to you too!!! 🙂 xxxxx

  8. Irresistibly elegant ! ❤ 🙂

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both! I must say Malus, you look most handsome!

  10. You look so handsome Malus. Did you give Violet a rose?

  11. Your rose is awesome violetski and Malus is like a gentleman ! Fantastic Malus !

  12. Happy St. Valentine’s day to you too. Malus I LOVE your red bowtie!

  13. Lovely rose and a strikingly handsome Malus. Love to you both.

  14. Oh Malus! You look so handsome! And the rose is gorgeous Violet! Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

  15. Lovely artwork and snazzy bow tie! Happy Belated Valentines Day to you.

  16. Beautiful rose and I love your kitty’s cute bow tie! Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

  17. Reblogged this on Panasenko-KovalenkoNatalyArts and commented:
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  18. Nice rose and prince Malus!

  19. very suave, Malus ! 🙂 x

  20. That’s a great bowtie! But the splatter technique is very nice too, it’s not overwhelming at all.

  21. 🙂 domo arigato, Violet-san! sooo wonderful, as usually… I’m really happy to have discovered your super-blog! xoxoxo
    * * *

  22. You look very handsome Malus Xx

  23. Happy Valentines Day to you and Malus both.Love the flower complete with spatters and Malus is looking good!

  24. Beautiful AND handsome:)

  25. Malus-you were born for bow-ties!

  26. Rosa de los Vientos

    Oooh tooo cute. Lovely rose. A rose!! 🙂

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