Handmade soaps!

Hi everyone,
Yesterday Violet was making handmade herbal soaps and today a quick sketch of them! She made pelargonium , rosemary and sage and also lavender soap. While she was making them, I was looking at what she is doing and enjoying herbs goooooood smell!


24 responses to “Handmade soaps!

  1. I love the smell of homemade soaps!

  2. Great sketch, I imagine the scent.

  3. I can smell them from here!! Wonderful. 🙂

  4. Love the sketch and the photo of you, of course, Malus! sure wish we could smell that aroma from the soaps!

  5. Ah, that’s lovely, Violet!! 🙂 Missed your work ..and Malus! xx

  6. The soaps are too pretty to waste on dirty hands!

  7. Mmmm…what a sweet aroma. Malus, does Violet put a piece of rosemary in your bed sometimes?

    • Dear Gallivanta,
      I’m a strange cat、sometimes eating Violet’s herbs in balcony!!!!! I love Lemmon grass( which normally cats hate them ! ) and also thymes! I like to eat them and after that VOMI……. !!!! That is why Violet doesn’t let me to touch them anymore!!!!
      Even Violet buy me cat grasses to eat but still I like to have a bite of her herbs!!!! (=^ェ^=)

  8. How lovely Violet and Malus looks most interested too!

  9. Delightful and Malus could not be more enthralled. What a beautiful artistic kingdom you own, handsome Malus!.

  10. I love your *soul patch* Malus-I am sure you oversaw Violet’s activities to make sure no mistakes were made!

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