Fruits Parfait

Hi everyone!
A 5min sketch of fruits parfait made by Violet! I’m wonder why she has used yogurt instead of cream!!!
“That is a healthy parfait Malus! 😁”
“Huuuuummmmm, anyway, you didn’t share it with me!”


23 responses to “Fruits Parfait

  1. Whoa! Malus looks seriously miffed at no parfait for him. Naughty Violet! btw, we’ve found that our dogs love raw brussels sprouts leaves – go figure!

    • Hahahahaha! 😁
      He is really strange cat! He likes what other cats don’t like and doesn’t like what cats usually eat!!!!
      For example, he loves Lemmongrass that usually cats hate the smell(I planted them in pot in balcony and putting them somewhere high that he cann’t eat them)
      Or sometimes eating tymealso in balcony!!!! Sometimes I buy for him cats grass but still he loves herbs!!!! 😁
      He doesn’t eat fish, or tuna or even meat!!!!! Only cat’s food!!!!! 😁

  2. Exactly saying like that 🙂 what a pose! You are both amazing and fascinated me again. Blessing and Happiness, Thanks and Love, nia

  3. Malus does look a bit “put out” that you didn’t share! I’m amazed that you can sketch that in 5 minutes – you have an amazing talent.

  4. may I have some and may I cat sit, please?… 🙂 any time!<3

  5. Healthy and yummy!!!

  6. Ooh lovely !

  7. Oh Malus, no beautiful parfait for you 😦

  8. yummy! Although I would rather have the cream. Stay away malus! It’s not for kitty cats.

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