Hi every one!
Today Violet has sketched narcissus again, sketching of how they looks on the table❤️
Violet said it is a sign of spring but still here is cold and I prefer to hide under warm blanket!



22 responses to “Narcissus

  1. You are a lucky kitty, Malus!

  2. pretty and elegant!

  3. Malus has such presence -he is gorgeous. The art ain’t bad either, lol

  4. 😀 😀 😀

  5. Very lovely sketch. Adorable kitty, too.

  6. Buds are forming in the garden.

  7. Lovely and Spring like Violet !
    If I were to tug on that little thread I hope Malus wouldn’t unravel 😉

    • 😁😁😁😁😁
      Ah, thank you so much dear Poppy for your lovely comment❤️
      I’m sure Malus wouldn’t be! 😁
      Ps, I’m looking forward spring to see and sketch violets flowers in my balcony😃

  8. Beautiful touch of spring! Sleep well and stay warm Malus!

  9. So pretty, Violet. I love the spattered paint.

  10. Very sensible Malus. Stay warm.

  11. Very pretty artwork, Violet. I love these delicate flowers. Malus, you are so wise, until full summertime arrives, stay buried in cosy warm blankets.

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