Hi everyone!
Here is my today’s sketch, narcissus! Has bought them today! Little spring on my table!
And here is Malus , in deep zzzzzzzzzzzzz !!! 😁


12 responses to “Narcissus

  1. lovely watercolour Violet, very fresh and delicate – gorgeous leaves ! good to see Malus working hard again 🙂 x

  2. The narcissus is a welcome sight: more snow on the way for us tomorrow. Spring will be here one day!
    Nap well, sweet Malus!

  3. 😀 Poor Malus he’s so tired ! Thanks for these beautiful flowers !

  4. Oh narcisuss such a lovely delicate perfume ! So nice Violet .. maybe Spring is not toooo far away 🙂
    Malus meanwhile continues to ZZzzzz

    • Thank you so much dear Popy! Still cold here but feel spring when I smell them specially in the morning, when I wake up and find their sweet smell in living room❤️

  5. Beautiful…spring is coming.

  6. Happy, warmer days area ahead! Lovely painting Violet ~

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