Yellow Flowers!

Hi everyone!
Here is a quick sketch of what Violet has decorated on the table!
And here is me sniffing other flower basket!


19 responses to “Yellow Flowers!

  1. Thanks for these beautiful flowers ! 😉 Malus appreciate them too; 😀

  2. lovely Violet ! (btw, are the flowers Malus is sniffing Lilies ? – someone told me they can be poisonous for cats, I keep my cat away from them) x

    • Thank you so much dear Victoria!
      They are Alstroemeria. I didn’t know exactly about them and just now I checked in Wikipedia and it is said they commonly called the Peruvian lily!
      So they should be a family of lilies. I didn’t now they may poisoned. Thank you so much to tell me about them. I will take away from Malus😃❤️

  3. I so look forward to your posts: your sketches are so beautiful, and I love the photos of Malus! This photo of him looks like a portrait!

  4. I love them in the basket Violet !

  5. Perfect as this beautiful painting lightens and warms the cold weather.

  6. How beautiful Violet! Malus seems to really like yellow flowers too:)

  7. Yellow flowers! Spring must be coming soon.

  8. Big feline and human appreciators!

  9. simply wonderful… I’m glad to have come across your awesome blog! 🙂 I’m a catlover, too – à la vie, à la mort… 🙂 if you have some spare time, meet Lucky-Loulou, please – my Valencian tomcat, olé! 🙂
    * * *
    my very best and sunny greetings, cheers! 🙂 Mélanie – Toulouse, France

    • Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Melanie! I appreciate your lovely comment😃
      I’ve already visit your blog and really interesting😃
      Love your cat too😃❤️

      • merci-thanx a bunch of violets from my backyard! my sincere admiration and deep respect for your art, Violet…(as I have NO artistic talent!) wish u tons of inspiration, friendly thoughts and c u asap… 🙂

  10. Beautiful flowers and a very nice portrait of Malus-he looks like he is taking in every inch of those lovely flowers-

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