Vienna ( Christmas )

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is Vienna, this beautiful city christmas season❤️
And me, enjoying sunshine today!


20 responses to “Vienna ( Christmas )

  1. amandainadress

    Oh my gosh, thats lovely!!

    Great blog, btw!

  2. I have good memories of Vienna. I was there a long time ago. A vibrant city and oh, what good coffee and pastries. Thanks for recalling Vienna. Love your painting.

  3. I would love to visit. Beautiful piece!

  4. Hi, Violet & Malus! Beautiful sketch. We’re having sunshine today, too, following snowfall last night!

  5. Enjoy the sun Malus! I like the sketch- I’ve never been to Vienna (well except the airport-but I don’t think it counts), but it’s a place I would really like to visit some day. Have a good day!

  6. Wonderful! I have never been to Vienna but this makes me want to. Enjoy the sunshine Malus! Lucky kitty.

  7. This is so beautiful! Have you ever illustrated a book?

  8. like the place like the sketch.. the people are great… the cakes there are you!

  9. Lovely! So glad Violet is feeling better!!

  10. Wonderful painting! Beautiful details and colour

  11. Beautiful sunshine, beautiful Vienna.

  12. Rosa de los Vientos

    Lovely Violet, and with…people!! That is so cool!! Malus has a beautiful body line. 😉 A big kiss!!!

  13. Vienna at Christmas time .. lovely sketch !
    Malus facing the sun.. I’m not surprised .. feels g o o d 🙂

  14. A gorgeous Christmas image!

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