After 6 days……

Hi everyone!
After 6 days absence Violet is back! Well, must say, she has recovered completely after many days terrible cold, fever, ……
And she has sketched this flower today! She doesn’t know the exact english name, as Wikipedia it calls Sarcandra glabra.
And about me! Ah , I get tired to take care of Violet as you can see in this photo!



33 responses to “After 6 days……

  1. Well done taking such good care of Violet Xx

  2. Glad you’re better and genuflecting in front of the gorgeous Cat God!

  3. Well done Dr Malus 🙂
    Nice to hear you are feeling better Violet …

  4. What a good caretaker you are, Malus! So glad you’re better, Violet. Love your sketch, as always!

  5. Glad to see both of you are back! Violet I hope you have recovered nicely. Thank you Malus for taking care of her. 🙂

  6. A beautiful painting Violet!

  7. Just get better and more delicate beautiful.

  8. Glad you are feeling better Violet – missed you both 🙂 nice watercolour Violet x

  9. Glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

  10. Welcome back! 🙂 I don’t know about this particular plant, but from what I can tell it’s related to licorice and goji berries. It might even be goji berries. It’s really pretty either way!

  11. Glad you two are back! A beautiful painting!

  12. So glad that you are better! Nice to see you back – lovely painting!

  13. Dr. Malus-it is time for Miss Violet to take care of you! Very lovely Violet-

  14. Stunning painting.

  15. I love this painting, Violet. I think it’s your best painting so far.

  16. Nice your life is back to normal again! Hope you are all well! Lovely sketch! Beautiful colours

  17. Hooray, Violet is back. Thanks for looking after her, Malus. Now, of course, you must rest 🙂

    • Thaaaaaaannnnnkkkkk you soooooo much dear Gallivanta! 😃
      Malus doesn’t need to sit on my foot anymore! He is enjoying to take nap under sunshine now! 😁

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