Our favorite things!(1)

Hi everyone!
How was your new year holidays? Thank you so much for all your messages and Violet will answer them one buy one later❤️
Today’s Violet sketch is her favorite boots. They are fit to her legs and perfect for walking even for long time.
And this is my favorite house!

Making my bed before sleeping!

26 responses to “Our favorite things!(1)

  1. Happy New Year Violet & Malus – great to see your favourite things ! 🙂 xx

  2. Lovely boots and lovely Malus ! 😀

  3. The comfort of favorite things!

  4. Lovely sketch Violet, love the boots too!

  5. Cute boots! And every kitty needs a little “hut” of her own!

  6. Your boot sketch is wonderful. The leather has that nice dimpled look of boots that are well loved. Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year to you Violet and Malus, here’s to seeing many more of your lovely sketches xx

  8. I think you are both very comfortable 🙂

  9. Happy new year Violet , perfect boots made for walking to all those little cafes 😉 Lovely sketch .
    Looks like Malus has room for two in his cosy snug !

    • Happy New Year dear Poppy!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      An Malus new house, I surprised myself how big it was for him! It was available in little smaller size too but I thought maybe Malus wants to streeeeeeeeechhhh inside! So bought the bigger one! 😁

  10. Great starting of the year!!! Nice piece! Wish you the best on 2014!

  11. so lovely….. 🙂 Thank you. Happy New year, love, nia

  12. This little sketch reminds me of the “These boots were made of walking” song! Makes me want to sing! 😉 I see Malus is enjoying his Christmas gift! Happy 2014 Violet!

    • Ah, that is perfect song for them !
      Thank you so much dear Jess and happy New Year to you too❤️
      Malus is taking daytime nap there and seems he is happy to have it😃

  13. Very nice Violet and Happy new Year to you. Love those boots and details – perfect for this weather! Malus’ home looks so comfy!

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