Monthly Archives: December 2013

Room shoes

Hi everyone!
Here is Violet’s today sketch, room shoes and warm,cat design blanket!
“Violet, any shoes for me? ”


Winter preparation!

Hi everyone!
Violet is busy with preparation for Christmas , winter, holidays !
Today’s sketch is winter colors towels!
She loves to change home’s small stuff colors in each season!
“Sniff , sniff”
“Violet , good smell here! What’s that? ”

“That is lavender potpourri between towels! They make you relax!
you have already made a relaxed face, Malus!!!”


Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is her favorite sweet, waffle!
She loves to have them with a cup of coffee!
For today she had a special one in cafe, warm triple berry waffle .
A quick sketch of that before cream melts!

Violet, any cream for me?

Winter socks

Hi everyone!

It’s December and Violet is busy for winter preparation!
Here is one winter preparation : winter socks


Quick sketch

Hi everyone!
Here is today’s violet sketch!
A quick sketch of Macaron box that has bought it today!
And a photo of me enjoying sunshine again !

Ah, my mustaches are so long! I didn’t know that!!!!

Autumn frame

Hi everyone!
This is Violet last piece of leaves sketch for this season! She has many leaves sketches in her album , more than last year!
By the way, I found my new box today! It is a long box and difficult to sleep inside but nice place for hiding!


Colors in plants

Hi everyone!
December has started! Count down for Christmas and preparation for new year has started too! ❤️
A sunny day on the first of December and a good start I think! Relaxing in sunshine, slept and enjoyed in this warm day❤️
While I was sleeping Violet was sketching this small plant in our little garden. It seems she is enjoying colors changing everyday!

❤️Happy December to all of you dear friends and wish you all beautiful moments in the last month of 2013❤️