Christmas wreath

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is Christmas wreath.
“Violet, when did you take this photo?” “Just after I drew the wreath , saw you looks like a wreath too! “😁😁😁


14 responses to “Christmas wreath

  1. Sweet: both wreath and kitty!

  2. Lovely work as always, Violet!
    Merry Christmastime!

  3. Ah, beautiful, my dear Violet!!! πŸ™‚ xx

  4. Nice watercolour sketch !

  5. Superb work I take it all calm and ready in your always special tidiness readiness, Violet have a superb holiday. is your daughter is back with you for the holiday? x

  6. Beautiful wreath and sweet kitty and a very Merry Christmas your way.

  7. Lovely! I really like the bow atop the wreath. Hope you and Malus have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Ah, it is lovely Violet! Malus looks very content.

  9. Merry Christmas Violet and Malus xxx

  10. Beautiful! Happy Holidays!

  11. Can Malus have a pretty ribbon too?

  12. Another beautiful wreath!

  13. A perfect wreath. Merry Christmas Violet!

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