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What I’ve found today!

Hi everyone!
Today I had a walk and I found my today’s sketch item! Trees that almost changed to autumn colors and a quick sketch😃
By the way, here is Malus at this moment!

What kind of dream is he seeing? Maybe claiming from that trees? Or playing with autumn leaves?

“Sweet dreams Malus❤️”


Hi everyone!
Last 3 days Violet was very busy and couldn’t post her sketches! Fortunately today it was ok ! I can do job too!!!
By the way, recently it’s getting cold here and I like to sit on Violet’s foot and take a nap as I do ever year in this seasons!

“Violet, what is this photo? Where is my face!?”
” You are sitting on my foot and how can I took a photo from your face??? But don’t worry , I took another cute photo, Malus.”


Autumn leaves

Hi everyone !
Here is another sketch of autumn leaves that Violet did today.
” Violet , how any leaves are you going to sketch ? ”

” Well, 1,2, 3,………😁”

Colors in Violet’s hand

Hi everyone!
Today was another autumn’s sunny day and Violet went for a walk and when she came back, she had those autumn leaves in her hand, exited to find those autumn’s beauty and also colorful items for sketching!
So maybe, for a while , she will post many Autumns leaves here!
Hope you dear friends enjoy them.

And this is me in a Autumn’s sunny day, laying down in my favorite place in balcony!

Have a beautiful day , dear friends❤️


Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is an american beauty berry , Calliparca. They are turning to autumn mood now.
And me, under autumn sunshine , taking a gooooooood sleep and has turned to autumn mood as well!!!!!!


Paris, Saxe-Bruteuil market

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is Saxe-Bruteuil market, Paris .
Violet loves such markets , they are colorful , beautiful and full of life❤️
” Violet , I think I should visit there too! ”


Red Okra

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is red okra . She loves to use it mostly in salads. It is interesting that after boil or cooking the red color changes to dark green!

Today was a sunny , warm autumn day and I really enjoyed to lay down under sunshine , relaxing ( not worry anymore about costume or witches!!!)
Hope you all have a beautiful start on November ❤️

Happy first November dear friends ❤