Hi everyone!
This mix color camellia flower is what Violet has found today!
Violet, how about the smell? Let me see too.



25 responses to “Camellia

  1. Your camelia is gorgeous violetski ! What does Malus thinking about the smell ?

  2. Oh Violet! This is a beauty! Malus I hope you think so too!

  3. camilla wells paynter

    That’s beautiful, Violet! I love camellias. And I love how cats always manage to shift your focus onto themselves: “were you paying attention to this item? Allow me to sit on it.” 🙂 Malus is clearly a pro!

  4. Beautiful Violet, I can see Malus likes it too!

  5. Lovely !
    Malus looks very kitten-like in that pose Violet 😉

  6. They are lovely but you are right, Malus, no scent! Beautiful, Violet! 🙂

  7. Hi violetgallery
    You are nominated with a Wonderful Team Member Readership Award for your good blog!

  8. lovely flower, but poor Malus has nothing to sniff.

  9. Beautiful how you did those leaves Violet! xxx

    • Thank you so much dear Rosa!
      It just water color and using lights and shadows for creating the leaves😃

      • I also use watercolour, noting wrong with that! 😉 It is just what we DO with it. 🙂 Hope you are doing fine, and your daughter as well in the States. And I hope Malus is not getting grumpy without the sun shining through, like my cat ‘Semilla’ (which means ‘little seed’). A big hug.

      • You are right dear Rosa! What we do with watercolors make paintings different😊 I love the way you use watercolors fresh and beautiful!

        Thank you so much for your kind comment❤️ I’m fine and my daughter is doing fine there. Honestly I’ve missed her so much😊
        Malus is enjoying sunshine almost everyday ( sunny days , so far! )
        Wish you and cuuuuutttee Semilla beautiful , sunny and warrrrrrrmmmmm days ! ❤️
        Big hug to you too, my dear friend❤️❤️❤️

  10. So beautiful, Violet!

  11. I can see that the art work is never really done until Malus has a look!

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