On the wall….

Hi everyone!
Today Violet bought some flowers and start arranging them!
This sketch is what she has arranged and hanged on the wall.
Also this my silhouette on the wall too! Violet took my photo in the evening when I was looking at sunset from my tower!


Have a great weekened dear friends 😃❤️

22 responses to “On the wall….

  1. Rosa de los Vientos

    Nice Violet! And funny winter sun Malus.

  2. Wow you really have a talent for drawing, these are incredible.

  3. Oh Violet what a lovely delicate arrangement and sketch! 🙂

  4. Lovely sketch of that bouquet! And Malus – you’re lovely too of course…Have a great weekend!

  5. Lovely sketch and the shadow pictures of Malus are terrific!

  6. That’s so nice, Violet! 🙂 You too have a great weekend! [Malus, you can come out of the shadow now!]

  7. That is a beautiful painting and love your shadow shots.

  8. Truly lovely ideas and images to match.

  9. A beautiful flower arrangement and a beautiful silhouette, Malus.

  10. Thanks violet for your humour ! This sketch is very fine, very nice.

  11. Delicate lines and soft colors – I love this painting Violet. Wonderful work ~

  12. camilla wells paynter

    What a delicate arrangement and rendition–very pretty! Malus, Violet has captured your shadow!!

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