What I’ve found today!

Hi everyone!
Today I had a walk and I found my today’s sketch item! Trees that almost changed to autumn colors and a quick sketch😃
By the way, here is Malus at this moment!

What kind of dream is he seeing? Maybe claiming from that trees? Or playing with autumn leaves?

“Sweet dreams Malus❤️”

17 responses to “What I’ve found today!

  1. Malus is working hard, blogging is tiring ! 🙂 gorgeous leaves, Violet 🙂 xx

  2. Beautiful Fall colors Violet.

  3. Poor Malus, he is so tired ! Quick sketch, I like it ! 🙂

  4. Such lovely fall colors Violet! Lucky to still have leaves on the trees! Happy dreams Malus. 🙂

  5. camilla wells paynter

    So pretty! I love it framed with the red background. Sweet dreams, Malus!

  6. Beautiful fiery trees, Violet! Hey, Malus, wake up – look at Violet’s painting!!!! 🙂 xx

  7. Maybe Malus started his winter hibernation already 🙂 Nice sketch Violet! The trees look so pretty – all in red and orange.

  8. He’s dreaming of a cosy winter by the heater.

  9. Lovely leaves in autumn colours. I think Malus is a bit like me…it would be nice to be a bear and to sleep the whole winter through.

    • Thank you so much dear Ann!
      Hahaha! But I should say I feel the same too!
      cold weather, sunshine from windows warming you….. So can’t control my eyes to open them!!!! 😁

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