Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is an american beauty berry , Calliparca. They are turning to autumn mood now.
And me, under autumn sunshine , taking a gooooooood sleep and has turned to autumn mood as well!!!!!!



25 responses to “Callicarpa

  1. beautiful and love the shadow!

  2. A beauty berry?! Yes, it is!! 🙂 xx

  3. I love the shadows! Makes it all more 3-dimentional. Well done!

  4. Gorgeous painting violet ! Ho, Malus is sleeping, chuuuuuuut ! 😉

  5. Lucky Malus finding a spot of sunshine! Love todays sketch Violet!

  6. So well done – it’s an awesome painting. Delicate lines, hints of shadow and colors to wake the senses. Love this piece Violet.

  7. An excellent little painting Violet!

  8. Delicate and pretty Violet….

  9. Love The colors of those berries.

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