Monthly Archives: October 2013

Autumn leaves

Hi everyone !
Recently , when Violet goes for walking , she brings back many colorful leaves !
Today a sketch of those leaves.
About me ,
Today Violet has received a postal package and she was so excited ! I was so excited to receiving a new box !!!

” Malus, I think the size is not match !!! 😁”

Autumn !

Hi everyone !
Violet has sketched another little autumn for today !
Colorful leaves, autumn flowers , autumn fruits , autumn clouds, cold breeze in the morning and night , having hot coffee in the morning that makes you feel warm , ….. Many autumn signs around !
How about you dear friends , what you think about autumn signs ?



Hi everyone !
Today’s sketch is another violet ‘s favorite fruit, fig ! Sometimes she makes their jam and enjoy it with scones !
Also this is her favorite photo of me !!!!!


Simple things !

Hi everyone !
Here is Violet today’s sketch ! Just tomatoes and news paper ! Simple things.

Have a nice weekend dear friends ! ❤️


Hi everyone !
Today’s Violet painting is one of her favorite autumn fruits , persimmon ! She loves to eat one , everyday !!!

” Violet , I think you should afraid of putting weight ! ”
” Ah, Malus! Don’t ask me to stop eating them !!! ”
(Colored pencil drawing)


Malus, guess what ???

” Wath???? ”
” I did a quick sketch of you 😃”



Fairytale heirloom pumpkin !

Hi everyone !
Here is another sketch of Fairytale heirloom pumpkin . Today it turned to pumpkin soup and Violet said it was yummy !

Also , today Violet started to move my new toy infront of my eyes and asked me to do what she order !!!!


Then I don’t know why, I couldn’t move !!!!

” Hurrrrraaaaah! Malus , I succeed to hypnotize you ! 😁”

Quick sketch !

Hi everyone !
Today Violet had done another quick sketch of where she had lunch today !
When she came back , she gave me this mouse ! My new friend ❤️

And I’m thinking how to play with it (=^ェ^=)

Birthday present !

Hi everyone !
Violet had made this flower box for her friend’s birthday yesterday and before taking to her home , she took a photo to sketch it later! So here is today’s Violet sketch : a flower box ❤️
” Violet , when is my birthday ? Will you present me something too ? ”

” well, it is little bit sad Malus but when I found you I guess it was two weeks after you born ! So I don’t know the exact day but it is on August .when we took you for medical check after we found you , the doctor asked us to chose for you a birthday and girls chose August . 21 !
One day after my marriage Anivversary !!!! Hahaha!
By the way Malus, did you forget about that toy mouse on your birthday ? Last year it was a new mat ! And before that …..”
” ok, ok , I understand Violet ! Would like to have another new box for my next year birthday ! ”
” (°_°)……………………”

Fairytale Heirloom Pumpkin !

Hi everyone !
Violet has bought a Fairytale heirloom pumpkin and before cooking that she is sketching it from Up , down , side ….
It is really interesting shape !
” Can I play with that , Violet ? ”