Red magic lilies

For today , Violet has sketched red magic lilies ( red spider lilies ) .
Strange shape but beautiful flowers they are !

I think it’s better to take a nap !

39 responses to “Red magic lilies

  1. Fanciful & free. Lovely!

  2. Oh Violet! These are so pretty! And yes, they look magical! Wonderful job and I hope Malus has a nice nap.

  3. Love this!! Beautiful colour!!

  4. Uplifting!!! great energy!

  5. Wonderful picture ! I love those lilies. This would look very nice in a frame on the wall.

  6. The red spider lilies look so fanciful and free. Energetic. Unlike Malus today! πŸ™‚

  7. They are magic and beautiful, Violet! …somebody needs a sleep! πŸ™‚ xx

  8. Lovely flowers, Violet!
    Kitty needs a nap!

  9. Beautiful, I love the red splashes!

  10. No stopping your lovely Red Lilies passing on some of their magic Violet !
    Tah dah *** Malus falls into slumberzzzzz

  11. Beautiful spider lilies.

  12. Delicate and elegant – wonderful Violet!

  13. Beautiful Violet! I agree-they have a wonderful energy about them!

  14. Those flowers are having a grand time, Violet. They look like they are dancing!

  15. Stunning, I love the red spatters in the background!

  16. So simple and elegant, Violet. And the photo of Malus is so funny!

  17. Lovely! I like the colors in your flowers!

  18. Malus looks so cute in this photo!
    And I love this sketch. There seems to be movement in it, as though the red lilies are swaying to and fro.

  19. These are so lovely πŸ™‚

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