Hi everyone !
This is violet 😃 Today I’ve bought this beautiful dahlia! I love this flower and it reminds me my grandpa and his garden . He had many kinds of dahlia in his garden and they were really beautiful , biiiig and colorful ❤ I was so excited to see them blooming and every time grandpa gave me some of them …..
Now, when I find those beautiful flowers in flower shop , I definitely buy one and remember those beautiful memories ❤


29 responses to “Dahlia

  1. A beautiful painting of a beautiful flower. 🙂

  2. glorious, Violet, and I love all the “splatter” effects, really beautiful painting 🙂 x

  3. Truly beautiful dahlia, Violet. i like the color blots too!!
    🙂 xxx

  4. I love your painting, Violet. It’s beautiful as is your post this morning. XO

  5. You remind my granddad and now it is yours.. it must have been a beautiful garden and you paint it so good.

    • Thank you so much dear Doron !
      Ah , his garden was really beautiful , flowers , dahlias , peach tree, grapes, cherry , herbs ….
      Never forget …..
      Now , unfortunately he is ill and cannot move 😔
      His garden is still beautiful but no more dahlia there😔

  6. It is indeed beautiful and I love the way you did the background. Malus is enjoying your memories, I think. 🙂

  7. Delicate and fresh: lovely!

  8. A beautiful flower and a special story to go with it 🙂

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