Hi everyone !
Today it was really hot here! Nothing better than shades when you are outside ! And here is the place that Violet prefer to have a walk in all season !
And here is me with a new shade for my body !!!!!


6 responses to “Shades

  1. I love the perspective in this and the lights and darks are awesome, very beautiful work, Violet! Malus, very stylish! =)

  2. The shade of the tree lined walk looks very welcoming Violet! I would like to walk there too. 🙂

  3. Beautiful trees, Violet! 🙂
    Malus, are you stuck in a guillotine?!!!

  4. Malus,you are as creative as Violet .

  5. Lovely scene – I could use a bit of that shade today, will be 102 degrees!

  6. Beautiful! Looks like such a nice place for a peaceful stroll.

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