Summer in my hand!!!

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is not about places, flowers, foods!
Today’s sketch is her hand , no, better to say her nails covering in summer color !
Ah , ladies, you are so lucky to enjoy colors even on your nails!!!!!

“By the way Violet, can you polish and put the same color on my nail too!!! ”
” (°_°)………!!!!!”

27 responses to “Summer in my hand!!!

  1. I was just doing a cat face and going to say “paint my nails” then saw you already did it lol

  2. Rosa de los Vientos


  3. Malus in blue nail color? Nuh! 😆
    Lovely sketch, Violet!

  4. awesome work, I love the light on the nails!

  5. he he he… I like your humour! And I like that blue for finger nails!!

  6. Very nice watercolor. I love those washes!

  7. I recently painted my nails too. But mine are a summery orange 🙂
    Quite a clever subject for a painting. I like it! 🙂

  8. … blue ? why not ? beautiful sketch !!! And for you Malus ? What colour for your claws ? 🙂

  9. I see feline pink for the kitty:)

  10. Blue nails for summer; wonderful. But, Malus, I am not sure if blue nails would suit you.

  11. Malus, I once saw a dog with purple painted nails but I much prefer your natural ones!

  12. So funny! BTW nice nail polish – lol Malus love the close-up of your nails!.

  13. Love the blue nail color. The human hand is one of the greatest drawing exercises I know. It can create endless poses for us to try to draw. Good job Violet. Malus? You have me laughing!

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