Hi everyone !
Today Violets’s work is a colored pencil painting of a photo that she had taken before in rose garden !

“Ah, roses! You know I really love to sniff roses , Violet ! “


36 responses to “Gardener

  1. The rose is gorgeous! Great shading on the petals.

  2. that’s one amazing painting :O

    hm Malus looks very interested 🙂

  3. I like the juxtaposition of the hands holding the rose – makes for an interesting composition.

  4. Beautifu rosel, Violet, 😉

  5. Wow. That is stunning

  6. Magnifique Violet !!!
    Malus… ça sent bon la rose ????

  7. Truly incredible work, Violet

  8. Very very good, Violet!!! Well done, my dear!

  9. Roses are difficult to paint and handled this one expertly! I love this painting!

  10. Beautiful. Malus, are you sure you wouldn’t prefer some catnip?

  11. I chanced upon your Blog when searching for watercolor painting tips. Im amazed at your work! U r such an inspiration….:)

  12. WOW this is so beautiful! What patience you have! Well done!

  13. This is absolutely gorgeous Violet!!!!

  14. Oh Violet, a stunning drawing!

  15. Your rose is simply amazing. It is very inspiring too. Beautiful work Violet.

  16. That’s really a beautiful drawing Violet!!! 🙂

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