Lemon Balm Tea

Hi everyone !
Today when I woke up , very good smell around!
It was lemon balm tea smell that Violet was making . Using her little garden lemon balms and lemongrass leaf .
When it get ready ,she add sliced lemon and ice! I’m sure she enjoyed that because her face was telling me it tastes good!!!!

“Violet , can I have some too ???!! “

19 responses to “Lemon Balm Tea

  1. The lemon balm tea looks super tasty and refreshing! The pictures look great!

  2. Beautiful, Violet. This would make a wonderful summer card!

  3. very nice drawings Violet, I can almost taste it from here. I’m not sure you would like it Malus, stick to your cool mat 🙂 x

  4. Looks like Lemon Balm Tea is a hit Violet !
    I love the way you have captured the colours in the glass .. I could just curl my hand around that now ..

    • Thank you so much dear Poppy for your kind words❤ it is really easy to make if you have lemon balm leavese s lemon 😃 And perfect for hot summer with mixing it with soda❤
      Wish to share with you ❤😃

  5. Sure sounds wonderful!
    Another lovely sketch, Violet!

  6. Some for me too please?

  7. Beautiful Violet, can I have some too please?

  8. Beautiful! I find it so entertaining that my cats wince at citrus. Looks like they’re not alone:)

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