Quick sketch

Hi everyone !
Two month ago I was claiming about rainy days , almost everyday but now I have to start claiming!!! About hoooooooot weather !!!!! This year is really strange !
This year Violet balcony roses haven’t bloomed flowers as every year because of this weather and today she found last blossom . Very quick sketch for today !
Last rose in Violet balcony ❤

And I’m still enjoying my cool mat !!!!!

26 responses to “Quick sketch

  1. Rosa de los Vientos

    The blue pillow is beautiful but those many little black ones as well! And the rose, oooh, what can we say about roses…

  2. Violet you always amaze me with your “quick sketches”. I don’t know how you do it.

    • Ah, thank you so much killkaties for kind words! And you always make me happy too😃❤
      I just do a quick sketch !!!!! A 10 min sketch ! 😃

  3. lovely rose Violet, very crisp petals and my favourite colours. I love it when Malus is “claiming” – so funny 🙂 keep cool on your mat Malus 🙂 xx

  4. Oh, Violet this rose is really popping out of your sketchbook! Probably to go to Malus, huh?!

  5. vera ersilia


  6. Well done.

    We have been having hot weather also, but the roses here have been lovely.

  7. The rose has hot colours in keeping with the hot weather. Malus you are a cool cat.

  8. A lovely sketch.

  9. Don’t complain…keep it going.. I wish I was a cat.. and I did not even start say a word on the rose…

  10. Such a lovely rose!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful…..oh, and did I mention, BEAUTIFUL!!! <3!!

  12. Beautiful Violet, your rose is jumping off the page, it looks like I could pick it!

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