Hi everyone !
Recently , Violet is little bit busy and delay in her posts!!!! I told her before that she should do her homework but ….
Fortunately, she had time to draw today! And here is what she had sketched , Iris flower.


19 responses to “Iris

  1. The iris flower is just perfect! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful painting Violet ! one of my all-time favourites, great fresh colours and lovely watery feeling 🙂 as for delays Malus, I remember times you were being carried round in your box(es !) and bags, and now we see, petted 🙂 – no wonder Violet is so busy sometimes :-)) xx

    • Thank you so much dear Victoria ! Iris is really lovely flower in beautiful colors ! Near where I live , there is an iris garden and it is really beautiful in May ❤
      And Malus , yes he is just sitting and watching me !!!!! Maybe he thinks sitting is a kind of busy job !!!! 😁😁😁😁

  3. Brilliant use of color – gorgeous Violet!

  4. Gorgeous iris, Violet!!!
    By “homework” you obviously mean stroking your ear, Malus huh?!

  5. Perfectly beautiful!! 🙂

  6. Recently I was performing a study about those flowers. We were trying to classify three species. Apart from a couple of photos in technical papers, it is the first time I say it!

  7. Beautiful Iris. Beautiful Malus. Yes, sitting and watching takes a lot of time and energy; it is enough to keep a cat busy.

  8. I love irises, and your beautiful purple one!

  9. Each petal so fragile and soft, Violet. Love it!

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