Beautiful sky !

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I slept and couldn’t talk to you all ! Anyway Violet did my assistance and now I’m ready to talk about Violet today’s sketch !
Beautiful sky even through the window is beautiful ! This is what violet has sketched today .
And for me , ah, beautiful sky and fresh air make my day perfect!

Hope your day beautiful as blue sky ❤

16 responses to “Beautiful sky !

  1. Violet, your sky is so beautiful!!! Excellent work on this wonderful window!
    🙂 xxxxx

  2. very nice sky Violet, the whole painting feels magical to me, very beautiful. you must take your job more seriously Malus – not sleep on it ! (hope your nail is fully recovered now) 🙂 xx

    • Ah , thank you so much dear Victoria ! You always make me happy❤❤❤
      About Malus, unfortunately not recovered , yet ! He wants to catch the toys or sharpen his nails , so again get hurt to that one and sometimes little bleeding ! I’m happy he is home cat !!!! Not going outside otherwise get some infections . He is licking it most of the time and it is the best medicine , I think !

  3. I really love this painting! Excellent work Violet! x

  4. artscottnet

    Very brilliant work, Violet. I love the light and reflected light in hte window, beautiful.

  5. You have both been well occupied 🙂

  6. Violet this is wonderful, I really love the reflections in the window and Malus looks very pleased with the blue skies!

  7. So charmingly beautiful violet!

  8. This is beautiful! I love the reflection of the sky in the window!

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