Santorini’ s sky❤

Hi everyone !

Today Violet’s sketch is about Santorini blue sky ❤
And my today’s situation : still in the box!!!!!

Have a nice weekend, all dear friends 😃(=^ェ^=)❤

25 responses to “Santorini’ s sky❤

  1. Lovely sky Violet. Well done!

  2. This is one of my favourites ever Violet, really like it. And Malus, that box looks a perfect fit for you, very comfortable ! 🙂

  3. Good WE for you (and Malus..) also! Beautiful sky !

  4. Ah, what a sky….
    Beautiful, Violet!
    🙂 xxxxx

  5. You make it look so simple Violet ! pretty pretty blue 🙂
    Malus you have to leave the box sometime you know ….

  6. wish I was there… too! 😉

  7. There is nothing like a box to curl up in Malus, I loved the furniture boxes when i was a kid, they made great forts!

  8. Rosa de los Vientos

    Violet, this is a beautiful drawing, one of your best! That is why I am not talking to Malus today, so the attention is just for you!
    (Anyway, he is listening, how sneeky, only turning his ears…).

  9. Love the blues, looks like Cobalt – very refreshing. Beautiful painting Violet!

  10. Just what I needed today, a blast of Santorini sunshine and blue sky. Thank you Violet!

  11. My goodness you’ve been prolific! Another beauty violet!

  12. Blue and white. Love it!

  13. Love that blue sky! It’s just as clear blue as the ocean.
    Beautiful! 🙂

  14. Lovely, lovely blue sky! The simplicity of the painting makes it all the more stunning.

  15. Lovely painting 🙂

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