Another hydrangea flower❤

Hi everyone !
Still raining here!
Here is violet today’s sketch .another color of hydrangea ❤

“Violet , it’s boring . How many days should I stay at home without sunshine !!!! “

33 responses to “Another hydrangea flower❤

  1. a lovely hydrangea, Violet

  2. Still raining? Don’t worry, we’re sending you some warm weather!
    I love your hydrangeas, Violet!
    🙂 xxxx

    • Marina, I’ve received sunshine that you sent! Thank you so much 😃 we had sunshine today !!!!!
      Also I’m glad you like this painting ❤

  3. -pięknie a tu leje się żar z nieba—-miłych dni;-)

  4. Mostly raining here too.

  5. So sorry it’s still raining, in the 90’s and sunny here. Lovely painting Violet – your sunshine will be back!

  6. Hydrangea is my mothers favourite flower of all time. I love your drawings. They’re beautiful.

  7. Beautiful, again! 🙂 Rain rain go away…..

  8. Can i tickle Malus tummy 🙂
    Still waitng for mine to produce a bloom … yours is very pretty Violet !

  9. Gorgeous Violet, I love Hydrangeas and think they are one of your specialities. Great pose Malus ! 🙂 x

  10. vera ersilia

    I love your hydrangeas!! thank you.

  11. Beautiful soft colours and technique used! 🙂

  12. Beautiful. What gorgeous colours!

  13. Travel Love Life

    Hola,it Veronika from Travel Live Life and I have nominated you for Leibster Blog Award. You can take a look here – . Thank you for your inspirational stories!

  14. I love Hydrangeas and yours are a very pretty colour Violet and Malus 🙂

  15. I love hydrangeas. You have caught the essence of it beautifully.

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