Montmartre , Paris

Hi everyone!
Today’s Violet sketch is beautiful Montmartre , Paris .
She has sketched of photo that she took before .

” Violet , is there any cat in this beautiful city??? I can’t see any !!!”
” Yes , Malus , there are many of them ! Even The Aristocats😃”

27 responses to “Montmartre , Paris

  1. beautiful work!

  2. Lovely picture, lovely cat.

  3. Rosa de los Vientos

    Very happy sketch. Malus, I can arrange some internet dating for you with my Semilla (red hair).

  4. Haha, Malus… what an expression! Tell Violet she’s done a beautiful sketch …again!!!

  5. I like this Violet. Good job. 🙂

  6. Super. love the view from the top another great from the Violet’s production home

  7. Very nice Violet 😉

  8. What a lovely sketch!

  9. Excellent, so much fantastic art history in that little area – love this scene. Wonderful painting!

  10. Color, wonderful color!

  11. So much going on in your little sketch Violet ! Love Paris blinds and balconies 🙂
    and Malus ! he poses like a porcelain statuette . The Aristocats LOL such a bright crazy film I seem to remember …

  12. Oh, very nice! I like the detail in this sketch!

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