Colorful leaves

Hi everyone!
Here is Violet today’s sketch . The colorful leaves plant that she had found yesterday!

Here is me , feel sleepy today! I will go to take a nap !



16 responses to “Colorful leaves

  1. That is a very pretty plant Violet! Malus that is one big yawn!

  2. This is beautiful 🙂

  3. cat is hilarious…thanks for the smile today.

  4. Good composition and colours! (Oh noooo Malus, I can almost see what you have eaten and that is quite a lot!)

  5. What a biiiiiiiig yawn, Malus!!!
    I hope you’ll tell Violet what a nice sketch she did, before zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  6. Violet, I think I know the name of your colorful plant. I have one beside my pond and it is called a “Chameleon Plant”. It is very colorful and has the same white flowers. Its proper name is “Houttuynia cordata”. But I prefer Chameleon!

    • Yes , Susan . It is chameleon plant as I search it too! It was the first time I see this plant colorful ! I found another type of that with many petal flower ! I should sketch it later but the smell is so strong even Malus doesn’t like them ! ( fortunately !!!! )
      Thank you so much for your kind comment❤

  7. Houttuynia, it is indeed. It smells really strongly of citrus if you crush the leaves. Lovely study, easily recogniseable. Nice work 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ian for your kind comment ! I didn’t know about colorful Houttuynia. And just know about the green one! I found another type of them , green one with different flowers. Many petal white flowers that I will sketch it later too😃

  8. Oh Malus, fancy yawning at Violet’s lovely sketch!

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