Autumn in June??!!

Hi everyone!
Today was raining again ! Violet couldn’t stay at home and she went for a walk . When she came back, she had some beautiful plants in her hand! She made a quick sketch of leaf for today (=^ェ^=)
“Violet, Do you know the name of this plant ? ”
” Unfortunately no! But leaves color are fantastic ! Colorful as autumn leaves❤ I will draw whole plant tomorrow😃”

“By the way Violet , it was rainy today ,you had a walk outside but I didn’t . So let’s have a walk with me!!! Me in the box !!!! Pleaaaaseeee!!”


“Ok, ok , Malus. Sit there and put your sit belt!!!!! 😁”

18 responses to “Autumn in June??!!

  1. Quelle jolie feuille !!!

  2. This is a very beautiful leaf. *gentle belly rub* for the kitty

  3. beuatifully delicate painting Violet 🙂 hope Malus got his walk – irresistable pose ! 🙂 xx

  4. Beautiful, Violet

  5. Rosa de los Vientos

    Yes, a beautiful leaf! (Malus you are a big hairy baby, oh come on!)

  6. that’s a lovely sketch!

  7. Lovely leaf, Violet!!!

  8. It could be a houtunya.

  9. I like the vibrant red color! Lovely!

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