Hi everyone!

Today was raining whole day and no sunshine to sleep under that , wet balcony! ,boring ……
But this is my fun in rainy day ! Sitting in my round box,asking Violet to take me a walk inside home!!!!!!!
Believe me that’s really FUN! (=^ェ^=)

” And believe me Malus , you got weight !!!!!!! ” (*_*)

By the way, here is Violet today’s sketch . She has sketched it of a photo of Japan in Kyoto city.


6 responses to “Japan

  1. Rainy day here too! great sketch, Violet!
    🙂 xxxxx

  2. You seem well traveled!! It’s really nice discovering these places in your art work! : )

  3. very nice, peaceful, painting Violet, very serene.Lovely greens, they are hard to paint I find ! Malus – you are getting more cheeky 🙂 what a great way to travel ! luxury 🙂 xx

  4. Rain again? Incredible. Nice sketch and Malus, to fall in love with.

  5. Malus has a very talented slave 🙂

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