Hi everyone !
Today was really warm , sunny day! I was sleeping under sunshine whole day!
When I woke up , I saw this sketch on the table !


” Malus , while you were sleeping, I went for walking and found my item for sketching ! A house Entrance !😃”

” you are smart girl today, Violet !! ”

“(°_°)…!!!!!! “

21 responses to “Entrance

  1. Ah, Malus, Violet did a beautiful sketch today!

  2. Its amazing what happens while you sleep in the sunshine, Malus! Its lovely Violet!

  3. Nice sketch. And Malus seems very relaxed today!

  4. Malus has mastered the Art of Effortless Sketching ! 🙂 Beautiful entrance Violet, it leads the eye very well, very inviting and lots of lovely detail. xx

  5. Pretty doorway Violet ! I wonder where it leads to …

  6. Such a lovely doorway Violet, I want to peek inside the house now!

  7. Lovely and great sense of depth in this painting Violet!

  8. Beautiful sketch and beautiful photo of Malus on the tiles that repeat the motif of the door drawing.

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