Daily Archives: May 29, 2013

I’m back ! *\(^o^)/*

Hi everyone!
It’s long time I haven’t been here . Not in holiday . Sitting at home and just not so happy , not so eager to sketch !
Well, honestly , my elder daughter had left to US for studying in university and you can guess how I feel without her…… So everyday keep busy to forget this feeling , couldn’t sketch as I’m sure if I did they would be sad sketches!!!!!!!!!
Anyway , today I got a big surprise !
Today is my birthday and my friends arranged me a surprise birthday party to cheer me up! They really made me happy and thanks God that I have many good people around!
So for start , I just sketched my B cake!
Wish to share with all of you with a cup of tea together .
Also thank you so much Doron and Susan for your kind messages❤ you made me really happy❤

Hi everyone ! Here I am!!! You are laaaaaattteee Violet ! Everyday I’m beside you but still you feel sad!

“Ah , Malus , you are my boss not my child!!!! But don’t worry ,I love you too!”

Hurry up Violet and take my today’s photo ! I was waiting for 2 weeks!

How do I look? (=^ェ^=)