Greece, Rhodes


Hi everyone!

Here is what Violet did for today!  Greece, Rhodes under blue sky❤

Her another job !! is taking a picture of me !!!!!!!

“Ok Malus, are you ready? ”


“I think I looks good! Good job Violet! ”


12 responses to “Greece, Rhodes

  1. Love the sketch! And Malus looks great as usual! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous blue sky, and Malus looks superb 🙂 xx

  3. You do such beautiful work! Love the picture of Malus, too!

  4. Great painting, and great photo of Malus! 🙂

  5. How pretty! I always have problems with the paper wrinkling up when I get that sort of result, but that might be because I don`t use watercolor paper?

  6. What a lovely painting. And a fabulous cat!

  7. Beautiful sketch, Violet!!!!

  8. Love they way did this Violet ! Malus yes .. looking goood 🙂

  9. You made me smile today, Violet

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