Sunny day


Hi everyone!

Violet made a quick sketch of  where  she has  walked today! it seems she is really enjoying of many different green colors around! (=^ェ^=)


17 responses to “Sunny day

  1. Looks like a peaceful place to sit and relax. Nice sketch.

  2. Looks inviting Violet, and peaceful.

  3. Lovely Violet!

  4. teasawilliams

    Lovely, where was it?

  5. That must have been a lovely stroll…The painting is great! 🙂

  6. Your “quick sketches” are the best! You seem to capture an essence of place so easily… Meanwhile, someone is looking very sleepy!

    • Thank you so much killkaties ! You always make me happy 😃❤
      When I took Malus photo I woke up him and this is his face!!!!! 😬

  7. A perfect place to rest-lovely Violet!

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