One day delay , again !!!!

Hi everyone !
Violet’s today sketch is what she found near her home !
Again one delay ! Honestly I was ready for posting but seems Violet was busy to sketch !

“Violet , do your sketches everyday as I told you before too!”
” yessss,sssssiiiirrr! !(^_−)−☆”

23 responses to “One day delay , again !!!!

  1. This is lovely, Violet.

  2. Very pretty.

  3. Hi violet , I have fallen in love with Malush, just got acquainted with him recently and he is so adorable. 🙂 lovely sketch as always.

  4. Love the detail on the gate!

  5. Ah Malus, your comments make me smile, and your face has a fantastic expression today 🙂 love your bicycle painting Violet, great details 😉 xx

  6. J’aime vos dessins… et le chat !!! 😉

    • Merci de visiter mon blog et vous remercier pour votre commentaire😃❤
      Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate your comment😃

  7. Wonderful setting Violet – love the work you did for the wrought iron gate.

  8. A lighthearted, uplifting sketch!

  9. Love your sketch of this old fashioned red bicycle just propped up there against that wrought iron gate Violet …
    my childhood bike had those sort of handlebars 🙂

    • Ah, thank you so much dear Poppy for your sweet comment! You always make me happy❤I’m glad you like it😃
      I personally love such kind of old fashioned doors or windows . They are also perfect for sketching I think😃❤

  10. Violet, it’s lucky you have Malus to keep you on task! So much detail in your little sketch…

  11. I love bicycles! And kitties!

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