Tea Party♡


Hi everyone !

Violet has arranged a tea party for today! She has baked cheese cake too(=^ェ^=)

would be happy to share with all of you dear friends ❤

(Doron , Poppy don’t be late😃 . Doron  , you can have a hot lemon tea too😃)


“Don’t worry Malus , you can have some cheese too! “

25 responses to “Tea Party♡

  1. Thank you for the lovely tea party!

  2. I’m hurrying Violet …. 🙂

    • dusts off hands .. smooths skirts .. I’m ready for Tea Party 🙂
      Violet make sure there is a slice of that gorgeous cheesecake left for me pleeeeese 😉

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  4. Have a splendid tea party ! Great sketch Violet, hope you got your cheese Malus 🙂 xx

  5. Great tea party, Violet!!!
    🙂 xxxx

  6. Is that your artwork? Splendid!

  7. Ho what a party…. How did you guess I love cheese cake? love your lemon tea very fresh… did you use your lemons from your garden again, they are lovely. Every time I turn my head Malus pinch my cake… Violet you are a super host.

    • Ah, thank you so much Doron for your lovely comment❤ I’m glad you like cheese cake ❤
      Unfortunately I don’t have lemon tree in my balcony ! But have fresh lemons in refrig. 😃
      Wish to have a real tea party with all dear friends here😃❤

      • I am trying to grow one from the stone, it’s showing good signes. I’ll have to bring you one for our real tea party sound great Idea… I can see Poppy packing her suitcase.. we just need to decide on a place, date and the rest is history!

  8. I love this! Feels like summer which I am so ready for!

  9. Cake? anytime.looks yum yum:-)

  10. How do ylou find the time to sketch, colour, bake AND have a tea party?

  11. Mmmmm…sounds like a nice tea party with yummy cheese cake.

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